This Is What We Do It For

Playing in front of big crowds and earning your money with professional basketball. Building a career and working your way up the ladder is what most players in college or playing across the world are working hard for each day.

That’s also why we work hard to put on a great exposure event for you each year in Las Vegas during the time of the NBA Summer League in July.

Being seen by team representatives of international pro teams (Europe, Asia, South & North America) is what can help you and get closer to those jobs. Each summer we make sure that decision-makers in pro basketball visit our Scorers 1st Showcase to scout talent and to network.

Use this opportunity to register for one of the top events in Las Vegas when it comes to being seen and being evaluated by pro coaches, GMs, scouts and agents from all over the world!

50 USD discount rate for our “Draft Option” and the cheapest way to get into one of the best events around!