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Las Vegas Game Film Is Up

We have started to upload the games of the Scorers 1st Showcase 2016 in Las Vegas and are hopeful to have all games online in the next days.

You can already find several of the games online at YouTube in our Showcase 2016 playlist here – Showcase Game Film.

In addition to the games we are producing individual highlights of several players as well. Please let us know, if you are interested in getting your individual video done as well.



B Hoops To Add Video Scouting Reports & Highlight Video Services To Scorers 1st Showcases

May 18th 2016 –
B-Hoops LogoProper video is an integral part to the recruiting process for each team that’s looking to fill open roster spots each year. Coaches spend hours in front of their computers looking at film, evaluating talent and researching information. Often times players don’t get a serious look, because they don’t have film or have bad quality film which is tough to watch with so many HD options to look at these days.

To help our participants in Düsseldorf and Las Vegas we have partnered with B Hoops for both Scorers 1st Showcases to provide good quality film and detailed scouting reports for all participating players.

“I’m pleased to announce the partnership with B Hoops, as they will add more value to our participants with their scouting reports and understanding of what pro coaches are looking for when evaluating talent and video. The addition of this service is super important for the players and adds to their exposure which is our ultimate goal at each Scorers 1st Showcase – maximum exposure.” says Scorers 1st CEO Gerrit Kersten-Thiele.


Here is a quick Q & A with the founders of B Hoops:
Q: Please give us some background on B Hoops – what do you do and when did you start?
A: B Hoops is scouting service that makes highly professional video scouting reports about basketball players playing worldwide on different levels. We officially started our company 18th of March 2016. Anyhow our  background in video editing goes back a couple of years while working as basketball club coaches in Hungary and Denmark. Using most modern and also self made scouting tools our service and web page will assemble the best posibble information about players from different leagues and levels, while we break down their full game videos.
Q: What service will you provide for players participating in the Scorers 1st Showcases in Düsseldorf and Las Vegas?
A: Instead of standard highlight promo videos we are offering all participants of the Scorers 1st Showcases our video scouting reports.  Players usually make short highlight videos that can’t really show their full potential with all of their strengths. Working as club coaches we know exactly what coaches will look at in the recruitment process so our scouting videos can give a clear picture what the players strengths are. Our reports show players full potential so they have an easier time to showcase themselves in the recruitment process. After watching our break down videos coaches have a better knowledge about players so it will for sure help players find the right playing situations.
Q: What else do you want to share about your company and/or your partner?
A: Our scouting service recently became NCAA compliant what we are also very proud of. We are growing from day to day and we are getting highly recognized from coaches and agents around the world. For 60 days of existence we already made 41 scouting reporst that can be checked on our web page and YouTube page. Saying that in the same period we have more than 12.500 views on our Youtube channel just after that short period.
For more information about B Hoops visit their website at www.bhoops.com!

2015 Showcase Game Film is available on YouTube

Las Vegas – March 21st 2016

We have just created a video playlist with 5 games of the Scorers 1st Showcase 2015 in Las Vegas last July.

Unfortunately only 5 games could be converted and have been uploaded. We apologize for the inconvenience that not all games of the Scorers 1st Showcase are available.

We will work hard to improve this for our 2016 events to have all games of our Düsseldorf and Las Vegas events available online.