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Swedish Head-Coach Jesper Gustavsson returns to the Scorers 1st Showcase in Las Vegas

June 7th 2016 – Las Vegas

We are happy to announce that Jesper Gustavsson, Head-Coach of Swedish Top-League team UMEA will return to Las Vegas this summer to coach a team at the Scorers 1st Showcase.

Here is a short interview with Jesper that talks about our 2015 Showcase and what he looks for when recruiting players.

Q: What were your take-aways from the Scorers 1st Showcase 2015 and why did you decide to come back to coach a team in 2016?

A: I made a lot of contacts last year at the Showcase, both with players, coaches and GMs. It’s a great place for me as a coach to see potential imports playing against each other and also meet the players live. But also to meet new people that work in basketball all around the world.

Q: What made the Scorers 1st Showcase stand out?

A: The Scorers 1st Showcase is located close to the strip and other camps in Vegas, it’s run professionally with good coaches, video, stats, referees, game jerseys and an over all professional exposure of the players that attended the camp.

Q: What do you look for the most when scouting players and how important is it to be able to see them live?

A: It’s super important to see the players live. Also having the chance to talk to them, old coaches and people that played against or with them. To draw my attention at the Showcase, i would like the players to show that they can play within a team and a system, to score out of a set or to follow defensive principles. To help their teammates, be verbal on the court, show good body language, don’t talk to the refs or to opposing players. These things were actually the things i spent the most time with my team last year at the camp, because we know that the guys in the camp can play basketball, but to sign abroad it takes a whole lot more!