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Leuven Bears (D1 Belgium) Head-Coach Ferried Naciri takes over a team at the Scorers 1st Showcase!

We are excited to announce Belgian Head-Coach Ferried Naciri of the top-league team Leuven Bears as a coach at the Scorers 1st Showcase 2017 in Las Vegas on July 12th and 13th.

“It’s our goal to make sure that our participants get real value from being with us in Las Vegas. We take great pride in what the Scorers 1st Showcase has become and the coaching staff we have is a huge part in that. Knowing that our teams and players are coached by pro coaches from international teams and leagues is a great asset and I’m excited to have Ferried with us.” said Scorers 1st founder Gerrit Kersten-Thiele.


Here is a quick Q&A with Ferried Naciri to get to know him better:

Q: What do you look for when you scout players?

A: I’m looking for players that, first of all, show consistent positive and competitive attitudes. I look for intensity and energy on every possession and for players that show they want to play very hard at both sides off the court. They need to show that they have the pride to be great at everything that they can controle.

Next to that I look for specific talents like shooting, scoring, screening, rebounding,.. But the first part is the base that needs to be there before I start looking for talent. 

Q: How much does it mean/help to be able to scout a player live and in person?

A: It helps a lot because you can see his facial expressions in every situation. You can see how he responds when he is on the bench and you can listen to some of the things he says. That shows you what kind of teammate he is and type of character he has. Video doesn’t show a lot of that.

Q: What is the biggest difference between college and pro basketball in your opinion?

A: I feel that in college basketball you have a couple of players that can score and carry most of the offensive load. Pro basketball is already a filter of the better college players out there so obviously most of these guys can score and can be productive offensively. That makes defensive situations harder to guard, you have to be so much more disciplined in each action that you’re guarding because even small mistakes will probably get a guy open that can score.
Next to that, in my experience, the most difficult thing for pro-rookies is that they come out a 4 year program where they had 4 years to learn the entire system. When they turn pro, you have to understand every basic action within a couple of weeks. The time you have to adjust is so much less.

Q: Please tell us a bit about your club and the league you play in.

A: Our club, Leuven Bears in Belgium, is one of the smaller clubs in the league. It’s a great step up club where young players have the chance to learn and make mistakes. We are very big in making players understand who they are and who they can be within professional basketball. The biggest goal is to build a play-off team every season and sending the players that have played for us to bigger teams where they can continue their career.

The Belgian league is a tough league where, if you show you can be consistent in whatever you do, you have a big chance of being recruited by clubs in the top european leagues.

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