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Chris Gillett (of FOG Naestved in the top-league in Denmark) returns to the Scorers 1st Showcase in 2017!

Chris Gillett will return to the Scorers 1st Showcase 2017 in Las Vegas after being a part of our 2016 edition already.

“We are happy to have Chris back with us in 2017. He helped at all angles last year and we were able to help him land a coaching job with FOG Naestved in Denmark. It’s what the Scorers 1st Showcase does, it connects people around the basketball world. Not just players, but coaches, agents, etc. and it’s just a really valuable experience for everyone!” says Scorers 1st founder Gerrit Kersten-Thiele.


Here is a quick Q&A with Chris who is on the coaching staff for FOG Naestved in the top-league in Denmark:

Q: You were at the Scorers 1st Showcase 2016. What stood out to you?

A: Last years event was my first time coaching in Vegas.  Right away it was evident the talent was at an extremely high level.  Most players in attendance either could play professionally at some level, or already had experience abroad.  Along with the players, Gerrit had assembled a great group of coaches for the event.  All the coaches had professional experience and knew exactly what teams and agents were looking for in a player.

Q: This past season you have worked in the top-league in Denmark. What are the keys to putting a team together?
A: For us, the first thing is character.  If we feel a player is not a great character fit for our program or the other teammates, that player is immediately off the list, regardless of talent.  From a basketball standpoint, our first questions are always can he shoot and can he defend.  These are two things that can be an extreme liability at the pro level.  If you cannot stay on the floor in key situations because of these two factors, than you’re not worth an import spot in our opinion.  With regards to defense, players who can guard multiple positions with length and athleticism become more valuable.
Q: What are the advantages of being able to scout a player in person over just watching video?
A: Sometimes it’s impossible to see on tape is how a player interacts with teammates and opponents.  In person you are able to hear his voice on the defensive end most importantly.  Is the player vocally engaged in team defense, or silently alone stuck to his man? Also, what is he saying to his teammates?  Great leaders are hard to find, but they always stand out when you can hear his positive interactions with teammates on the floor or on the bench.
Q: What are the top3 things you would tell a player when it comes to marketing him and what coaches want to see?
A: 1) Offensively,  can you play smart offensive basketball.  Not many teams are looking for isolation style point guards.  But a floor savvy guard who understands how to read the defense or make the extra pass is incredibly valuable.
2) Defensively, prove that you can defend not only your position at a high level, but others as well.  Whether from a switch, or a big man containing a guard on ball screen defense. Versatility = Value.
3) Socially, teams want player who can not only play at a high mental level, but interact positively off the court as well.  Many times players must interact with fans, sponsors, or kids on a day to day basis.  The ability to hold a conversation with someone you’ve never met before and from a foreign country can go a long ways in fan and management support.
Q: Anything else you would like to add?
I would like all players attending to recognize is that playing professionally is about being the total package as a person each and every day.  Social challenges, athletic challenges, and personal challenges exists every day in every country.  The Scorers 1st Showcase does as good a job as any in Las Vegas of providing guidance and leadership to help prepare for that.