Scorers 1st Showcase returns to Germany in 2021

Covid19 certainly has the entire world in its grip and of course that also changed the basketball landscape for the summer 2020 which meant that the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas and many other basketball exposure events were put on hold in 2020 which normally were “go to” events for pro coaches, scouts and GMs from all over the world.

While 2021 has just started it still looks like Covid19 will continue to change the way players are recruited and scouted during the summer. Given the current travel restrictions we will not hold our annual Las Vegas Scorers 1st Showcase, but we decided to bring our Scorers 1st Showcase back to Düsseldorf (Germany) in 2021, should travel restrictions and the Covid19 situation allow the event to happen.

Our plan is to hold the event, which became one of the most visited exposure events in Las Vegas next to the NBA Summer League each July, in June 2021 in Düsseldorf (Germany).  

Registration for the event will open in a couple of weeks with further information and many more details.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out before, if you have specific questions about the event already or if you would like to hear about  training options at our Scorers 1st Academy prior to the event.