John Coffino returns to coach at the Scorers 1st Showcase in Las Vegas

June 2nd 2016 – Las Vegas, (NV-USA)
We are happy to make our next coaching announcement for the Scorers 1st Showcase in Las Vegas this July.

After already coaching at the 2015 edition of the Scorers 1st Showcase John Coffino returns for the 2016 edition of our event and will serve as the Head-Coach for Team E this upcoming July.943217_580740245290381_1272620748_nHere is a quick Q&A with John Coffino:

Q: You have been a part of the Scorers 1st Showcase last year and have seen many other events before. What separates the Scorers 1st Showcase from other exposure events?
A: The Scorers 1st Exposure camp is definitely unique from other events in different ways. One is that they hold a draft to select players the coaches want to see and coach. Another difference is they have a wide variety of coaches from all over that work the camp. Different countries have different levels and that is important because of the vast types pf players that attend the camp.Its good that the players get a fair shot at being evaluated and with all the coaches and scouts there they are assured of showcasing their talents and being seen by lots of teams from around the world.

Q: You are now coaching in China, tell us a little more about your club, the goals and what the future holds for your team?

A: Luoyang Golden Stars of the NBL is a new expansion team. It is a first class club and has a strong General Manager with very good ownership. Two imports along with a mix of youth and veteran local players  gives the team a bright future. Obviously we want to be in the top 4 of the league. 14 teams in the NBL this year means you play 26 games in two months. Besides the short term goals  a big gal is to potentially move up into the CBA of China.

Q: What are you looking for when you scout players and how can the Scorers 1st Showcase help with that?
A: I like to look for various traits in a player. Having coached overseas and at every level I have a feel of what teams are looking for and how to land a good job.  One is attitude, how do they relate on and off the floor. Professionalism, do they carry themselves well and will they represent the team as a good ambassador. Hunger, is the player hungry to showcase what he is to offer. Skills, what skills does the player possess. Good shooter? Defensively? Shot blocker? good floor leader? rebounder? Lastly I look for toughness and athleticism. Mentally and physical toughness is key as well as his athletic ability.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: I am looking forward to this years exposure showcase after really enjoying working with last years group of players and coaches.. I know there will be a lot of talented players and I love sharing what I know about playing overseas and teaching the game of basketball that has given me so much over these past 25 plus years.