You have questions about the Scorers 1st Showcase, our training packages and/or are looking for information on exposure camps in general?

We have compiled a list of questions and answers below to help you out, but please don’t hesitate to reach out, if you have any other questions – info@scorers1st-showcase.com

Q: What is the Scorers 1st Showcase?

The Scorers 1st Showcase is a two-day basketball exposure event in Las Vegas during the time of the NBA Summer League that provides all participants with a “prime-time” opportunity to show their skills and game in front of international decision-makers (coaches, GMs, scouts and agents) from all over the world.

The Scorers 1st Showcase 2018 will be the 9th time that we are hosting our event in Las Vegas.

Throughout the years the Scorers 1st Showcase has become a “go-to” and one of the leading exposure events for pro teams from North & South America, Europe and Asia to scout talent for the upcoming season next to the NBA Summer League!

Q: Who will be coaching and working with the teams?

The teams at the Scorers 1st Showcases are coached by current professional coaches from different leagues and markets from all over the world.

The coaches we have working with the teams at our camps are also still  looking for players for the upcoming season, which adds even more value and exposure to our participants.

Q: Can players from other agents/agencies participate?

Yes, absolutely. The Scorers 1st Showcase has always operated and been proud about an open door policy as we are looking to create an environment for players, teams and agents to network, scout and evaluate talent.

Players from other agents/agencies, as well as their agents are all welcome to attend the Scorers 1st Showcase.