Courtex Performance and Scorers 1st partner for Las Vegas Showcase

25.04.2016 – Las Vegas

We are excited to announce our partnership with Rainer Meisterjahn of Courtex Performance LLC for our Scorers 1st Showcase in Las Vegas in July.

“Rainer will be on hand in Las Vegas throughout our workshops on the 11th and 12th, as well as the Showcase on the 13th and 14th. The value he will bring to our Showcase and for players is of immense value and I really look forward to hearing him share his thoughts and tools with us and our participants!” says Scorers 1st CEO Gerrit Kersten-Thiele.


Here is an interview with Rainer Meisterjahn:


Q: Please give us a little bit of background about you and the work you do?

A: In my work as a Mental Coach, I help players unlock more of their potential by addressing the mental aspects of their performance in a systematic way. To me, Complete Player Development incorporates technical, tactical, physical and mental training. Most players make the mistake of only paying attention to two or three of those areas. When your mental game isn’t a priority, you performance is going to take a hit at the end of the day. To me, those players who are truly driven to excel and do their research will realize pretty quickly that along with the rapid developments in sport science, mental training has become a major consideration at the NBA level. So if the top players in the world utilize it, there is no reason as to why others shouldn’t…

Q: What are the most frequent things that players come to you about?

A: Players work with me for a variety of different reasons ranging from improving their focus to becoming a better leader to addressing conflicts with their coaches or teammates, to name a few. The most frequent reason players reach out, though, is to get help with their confidence. Every player seems to chase this idea of “mental toughness” without really knowing what it is. My approach is built on helping players operate with an increased sense of mindfulness and consistently manage, and eventually dominate, their controllables. What I mean by that is that I help players develop a clearer sense of what thoughts are running through their head and how they’re feeling physically when their confidence is low, so they can then use their mental skills and tools that I teach them to control their confidence.


Q: What, in your experience, are the biggest challenges players deal with when first starting their professional career?

A: I’d say that most guys initially really struggle with being away from everything that’s familiar, especially family and friends. In today’s day and age, obviously technology allows them to keep in closer contact with home. But that can also become a major issue when players spend every minute of their free time in front of their computer or on their phone instead of connecting with their new teammates and getting comfortable in their new community. On top of that, those players who go overseas sometimes have a hard time adjusting to cultural differences. There are also basketball-related differences that can range from minor changes in playing rules to long bus rides to away games, lack of access to training facilities and, most importantly, adapting to a new role. Some countries and leagues play with just one US player, which typically means that you carry a lot of responsibility and have to manage high pressure, whereas other places may have multiple imports on their team who are expected to play great team ball to get the most out of their collective ability. These are just a few examples, but the list goes on and on and players have to be ready for the challenge!

Q: In your work with coaches, players and executives what is it that is the most fun to you?

A: To me, the most fun aspect of my work is— without a doubt—the opportunity to build real relationships with players and coaches and be a part of their basketball journey. The game of basketball can be an emotional roller coaster with many successes and disappointments along the way. That’s part of what makes the game beautiful. The relationships you get to build throughout the process, however, are a constant and often last for a lifetime. So I enjoy learning about and from my clients and getting to know them not only as players, but more importantly, as people. I also love hearing about the diversity of experiences different players go through, particularly in international basketball where cultural differences, language barriers, differences in playing format and refereeing, and other factors are so significant.


Q: What will you bring to the Scorers 1st Showcase?

A: Every player knows that they need to play with confidence, focus, energy etc. So they understand the WHAT. I’ll be at the Scorers 1st Showcase to teach guys about the HOW and share some tools and techniques they’ll be able to incorporate into their mental game. Additionally, I’ll discuss ways players can separate themselves from the rest by “showing off” intangibles to get the attention of coaches and scouts. We’ll run group meetings prior to the Showcase where guys can ask questions and learn more about my work with pros up to the NBA level. Throughout the Showcase I’ll be on hand to provide interested players with feedback and support so they can make the most of their opportunity on the court. Lastly, I’ll share more about how players can work with Courtex Performance LLC in the long run to maximize their mental development and professional career path. Can’t wait—it’ll be a great event!!