Basketball Pro Exposure Events & What to Look For

There are many ways to land a pro basketball job in international basketball.

Finding the right agent and representation plays a major role in making sure you have the right guidance and support while navigating the professional basketball landscape.

Over the years there have been many other helpful and not so helpful services that have popped up offering help to players who are looking to land their next opportunity as pro basketball players.

Basketball exposure events, like our Scorers 1st Showcase, have been coming up more and more across the US.

Here are a few thoughts on what you and your representation should look out for when selecting a basketball exposure event to achieve the best results and not waste your money and time:

  • is the event located in a place that decision makers (coaches & GMs) can and will actually visit to watch you play?
  • is the event held at a time and place that is convenient for teams to come and scout you?
  • does the camp host guarantee that there will be actual decision makers in attendance and not just people from the “basketball world”?
  • make sure you have your expectations right : whether you get a job depends on your body of work prior to any camp, your performance at camp and your attitude at camp.

Camps that guarantee contracts to be signed at camp should at least be checked out in much more detail. Several camps claim that players got a job through their camp and it has happened at our event that players actually did get signed, but it’s most likely that any exposure camp just plays a role in the eventual signing of a player with a team. The work of the respective head-coach (watching film, background checks, etc.), your profile, your performance at camp and the work of your agent will most likely be the reasons for why a player lands a job.

Camps can help you get noticed and can certainly provide you with real opportunities, but be careful with camps that advertise and claim that they, pretty much, alone got players their jobs from their events. We have seen camps take credit for jobs just because a player attended the camp, but the team that eventually signed the player has never been at that camp or checked out film or stats from those camps, so just make sure you look at all the details, ask the right questions and make sure your expectations are in check.