As we move closer to June and July 2016 and our Düsseldorf and Las Vegas event we will be adding to the FAQ section here.

Q: Why is there a Player Draft for the Scorers 1st Showcases?

The Draft system is a good way for players to get the opportunity to participate in front of numerous pro coaches, GMs and scouts from all over the world at a very minimal fee compared to what other exposure events charge.

Of course there is the risk involved of not getting picked, but for those players who want to guarantee their spot there is a “buy-in” option for the Showcase as well.

Q: Am I guaranteed a spot in the Scorers 1st Showcase, if I enter my name in the Draft Pool?

No, making the payment to enter your name in the Draft Pool does NOT guarantee you a spot to be in the Showcase. You still need to be picked in the Draft Rounds leading up to the Scorers 1st Showcase to actually participate in the event.

Should you want to guarantee your spot in the Showcase you can make use of the “buy-in” option and guarantee your spot that way.

Q: How can I guarantee my spot in one of the Scorers 1st Showcase events?

You have the option to guarantee a spot in the Scorers 1st Showcase by picking the “buy-in” option for the Düsseldorf or Las Vegas event. We will review your profile prior to you having to make the payment and once your profile has been approved you will receive a payment link to make payment to guarantee your spot.

Q: Who will be coaching and working with the teams?

The teams of the Scorers 1st Showcases are coached by current professional coaches from different leagues and markets from all over the world. The coaches we have working with the teams at our camps are most likely looking for players as well for the upcoming season, which adds even more value to you.